Folding Hunting Knife Double Blade OUTDOOR EDGE Razor Pro

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Folding Hunting Knife

About Folding Hunting Knife:

  • Introducing our Folding Hunting Knife, a practical tool for hunters that is flexible in function. It combines two blades. On one side, there is a replaceable blade, that is used for sharpening purposes. When it gets dull, simply replace it with a new blade. On the other side, we have a unique gutting blade designed like a zipper. We heat-treat high-quality stainless steel blades in our knife. We carefully finish each blade by hand to achieve a sharp cutting edge, ensuring optimal performance.
  • For grip, we’ve crafted the handle from rubberized TPR, providing a firm and reliable non-slip grip. The bright blaze-orange colour of the handle enhances visibility, making it easy to locate and preventing loss during your hunting adventures. We are happy to provide a better customer service and durable and reliable tools. With our Folding Hunting Knife, you’ll have an easy and good companion for your hunting needs.


Recommended Uses for ProductCamping
BrandOutdoor Edge
Model NameRazorPro
Special FeatureFolding
Handle MaterialRubberized TPR
ColourOrange (6 Blades)
Blade MaterialStainless Steel
Blade Length3.5 Inches
Blade ShapeDP (Double-sided)
Blade EdgeDP (Double-sided)
Item Length 8 Inches
Item Weight0.24 Kilograms / 8.3 ounces
Included Components1560 hunting-knives
Package TypeStandard Packaging
ManufacturerOutdoor Edge Cutlery Corp
Item model numberRO-20
Customer ReviewsRated 4.8
Discontinued By ManufacturerNo
Date First AvailableFebruary 24, 2014

Details of Folding Hunting Knife:

The blades of this Folding Hunting Knife are very durable, resistant, hard-wearing and lasting for a long time before need for a replacement. When it finally comes time to swap out the blade, it’s an easy, simple way and a quick process. You just have to insert a new blade, and the knife is instantly ready for more actions. This convenience ensures that you can keep going without any difficulty. Whether you have demanding tasks or a series of projects, the ability to ordered change blades allows for uninterrupted productivity. It’s an evidence to the knife’s design, providing both durability and efficiency to meet the needs of even the most demanding and challenging users. The guy hook is a good add-on. It’s highly recommended.

The Outdoor Edge Gut Hook:

The Outdoor Edge Gut Hook is an exceptional tool used for various purposes. Its precision and durability make it highly recommended for a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you’re a hunter or an adventurer, this gut hook is a must-have addition to your awesome knife. The combination of an always sharp cutting blade and the gutter is exactly what is needed to clean a deer or large animal quickly and efficiently. The clarity and efficiency with which it get to grip the task is truly remarkable. As you hold it in your hands, it feels rigid and immoveable, as if it’s a tool specific for ancient practice.

Weight And Balance:

The weight and balance are perfect, give you a sense of confidence and control. Imagine a knife that feels like an extension of your hand, smoothly slicing through things with ease. Each cut is clean and perfect, showing how well the knife is made. It’s not just a knife, it’s a work of art by the person who made it, and it shows how useful a well-made tool it can be. The knife’s case is stronger than it seems in the picture.

Rubber handles:

Rubber handles are hard and stiff. It offers an exceptional grip that remains firm without any slippage or flexibility often found in rubber grips. The robust steel used in both locking mechanisms ensures a solid and secure hold, with absolutely no play or movement. If you insert a new blade without holding the button you can hear and feel a tactile click, so you know it’s locked in a place. Overall solid performance and would highly recommend it especially for the price.


In conclusion, The Folding Hunting Knife described here is a fantastic tool that combines durability, convenience, and precision. Its blades are tough and long-lasting, so you won’t need to replace them often. Quickly and simply swap blades will help you, so you can keep working without interruptions. The guy hook is a useful feature, especially for outdoor activities. The knife has a sharp cutting blade and gutter, It helps to thoroughly clean large animals. It feels comfortable and easy to hold, with a good weight and balance. The sturdy case and rubber handles provide a solid grip. The knife’s tight tolerances and locking mechanisms make it secure and unsteady movement. Overall, it’s a reliable and reasonably priced knife that comes highly recommended for various purposes.


Question: Does the razor knife connect into the handle of the knife? 

Answer: Yes, it folds into the same handle.

Question: Does this come with replacement blades?

Answer: Yes, It comes with six replacement blades for the knife. 

Question: What is the difference between roc 30 and 10?

Answer: The ROC-30 includes the Flip N Zip Saw. 

Question: Where is this knife made?

Answer: Colorado-based.

Question: Can the replacement knife blades be sharpened?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do both knives fit in the case?

Answer: Yes, they fit and it’s a great set up.

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