Browning Classic Hunting Knife, 4.125″ Blade

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Browning Classic Hunting Knife

About Browning Classic Hunting Knife:

Browning’s SG Classic Hunting Knife – a true masterpiece built to withstand the test of time! For over four decades, Browning has been renowned for crafting exceptional knives, and this one is no exception. Boasting a razor-sharp 7Cr17MoV steel blade and a robust G-10 handle, this knife is ready to tackle any cutting task that comes its way. Designed by the talented Russ Kommer, the knife features a 4.125″ clip point blade, ensuring precise and efficient cutting. With its full-tang design, it offers unbeatable strength and durability. The knife comes complete with a handy nylon sheath for safe storage and transport. With an overall length of 8.75″ and a blade thickness of 0.120″, this Browning SG Classic Hunting Knife is a must-have tool for any outdoor enthusiast. Experience the mark of quality and treasure this remarkable blade for years to come.

Recommended Uses For ProductHunting
Special FeatureDurability,Full-tang,Durable
Age Range (Description)Adult
Handle MaterialFibreglass
Blade MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Weight0.7 Pounds
Blade ShapeClip Point
Blade EdgeHollow
Item Length8.75 Inches
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars
Date First AvailableJune 2, 2017


The Browning brand is renowned for its exceptional quality, and this knife lives up to that reputation, delivering top-notch craftsmanship and reliability. The knife is not only well-balanced but also possesses a satisfying weight that exudes quality. Its substantial heft adds to the overall sense of reliability and durability. With a blade of ample length, it proves to be versatile for various everyday tasks around the camp, making it a reliable companion. Whether you need to complete chores, perform intricate tasks, or handle game skinning, this knife rises to the occasion effortlessly.

What sets this knife apart is its versatility as an excellent defensive tool. The razor-sharp clip blade, coupled with the full tang design, ensures optimal strength and cutting efficiency. In critical situations where self-defence might be necessary, this knife’s attributes provide an added layer of security and confidence. Its sharpness guarantees swift and precise cuts, while the full tang construction ensures maximum durability and resistance to any stresses or impacts.

Whether it’s assisting with camp chores, tackling hunting activities, or serving as a defensive tool, this knife proves to be a remarkable all-rounder, demonstrating the craftsmanship and ingenuity associated with the Browning brand.

 Blade steel is equivalent to 440A SS which holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen. 17% CR has excellent corrosion resistance. Overall an excellent EDC knife. All around the great knives Nice grips, decent sheath.A super buy on this knife. Very well-built and balanced.The nice quality of this knife is evident in its grip, which provides a secure hold without any movement or flexing like some rubber grips.This knife offers excellent value for the money, providing a high level of quality and performance.


In conclusion, the Browning knife showcased here lives up to the brand’s reputation for exceptional quality. Its craftsmanship and reliability make it a reliable companion for various tasks, whether it’s performing everyday chores, intricate work, or game skinning. The knife’s versatility extends beyond utility as it proves to be an excellent defensive tool, thanks to its razor-sharp clip blade and full tang design. In critical situations, it provides a sense of security and confidence with its swift and precise cuts and maximum durability. The knife’s overall design reflects the ingenuity and attention to detail associated with the Browning brand. With its high-quality blade steel, corrosion resistance, and excellent grip, it offers great value for the money and serves as an excellent everyday carry knife. Overall, this well-built and balanced knife is a superb buy and a testament to Browning’s commitment to producing top-notch knives.


Question:Where is this knife made?

Answer:The blade says China.

Question:Do buck male knives exist in the USA anymore?

Answer:Most of their higher end knives are made in USA 

Question:Does it come with a sheath?

Answer:yes, it comes with a sheath.

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