NedFoss Hunting Knife, Camping Fixed Blade Knives for Men

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NedFoss Hunting Knife

About NedFoss Hunting Knife:

    OUTDOOR KNIFE: NedFoss Hunting Knife provides a tough and stable grip in your hand, making it suitable for trekking in jungles and woods.

    RAZOR SHARP CLIP POINT BLADE: The NedFoss Tiger fixed blade knife is crafted from premium stainless steel, ensuring precise cryogenic tempering for long-lasting durability, corrosion resistance, and excellent edge retention.

    COMFORTABLE GRIP & BALANCE: The knife features a classic wooden handle with a non-slip grip. It incorporates palm swells in its design to provide a comfortable grip, while the sturdy pommel/guard combination offers a perfect blend of beauty and balance.

    CONVENIENT CARRY: This large tactical knife comes with a high-quality protective leather sheath with a snap fastener. It includes an integrated belt loop, allowing you to securely and safely carry the survival knife on your belt.

    RecommendedHunting,Carving,Explorig, Bushcrafting,Fishing,Camping,Survival,Hiking
    Model NameFixed Blade Knife
    Special Feature
    Ergonomics, Non Slip
    Age RangeAdult
    Included ComponentsLeather Sheath
    Handle MaterialWood
    Blade MaterialStainless Steel
    StyleWilderness, hunting,camping, outdoor, hiking, survival, sailing, bushcraft, fishing
    Blade Length5 inches
    ThemeSport, Outdoor
    Power SourceManual
    Hand OrientationAmbidextrous
    Item Weight10 ounces
    Blade ShapeClip Point
    Blade EdgeConvex
    Item Length10.5 inches
    Item model numberTIGER
    Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars
    Date First AvailableAugust 16, 2019


    Details NedFoss Hunting Knife:

    Premium Leather Sheath: The Nedfoss hunting knife is a high-quality leather sheath that offers durability, protection and convenience. The sheath design is acccording to the knife structure that securely holds the knife in place, preventing it from accidental slippage and ensuring safe storage during transport. The use of genuine leather enhances the overall aesthetics.

    The handle of the Nedfoss hunting knife features well-made handle scales, typically crafted from solid materials like wood, bone, or synthetic composites. They provide a firm, good appearance, comfortable and secure grip. The Nedfoss knife scrupulously crafts its handle scales, ensuring a smooth and ergonomic grip that prevents fatigue during prolonged use.

    Beautiful and Functional Design:

    One of the most demanding features of the Nedfoss hunting knife is its beautiful and catchy design. The knife features a classic bowie shape, characterized by a clip point blade with a concave curve and a sharp, pointed tip. This design not only adds to the knife’s aesthetic appeal but also enhances its overall functionality. The clip point blade allows for precise control and piercing, while the curved edge facilitates efficient slicing and cutting.

    Versatility: You can use this versatile tool for various outdoor activities. Whether you’re hunting, camping, hiking, or engaging in survival situations, this knife presents as a reliable companion ever. Its sharp blade and sturdy construction enable it to implement a wide range of tasks, consisting of preparing food, creating firewood, or crafting tools in the wilderness.

    Exceptional Value for Money: One of the most compelling aspects of the Nedfoss hunting knife is its affordability to everyone easily. Instead of its exceptionally good quality and attractive design, this knife is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wider range of users. The combination of its good qualities like durability, functionality, and affordability makes this knife a great value for money.


    In conclusion, the Nedfoss Full Tang Leather Sheath Hunting Knife transcends expectations with its unbelievable features and affordability. Its full tang construction makes it more gripped with durability and strength. It a reliable tool in demanding outdoor situations. The premium leather sheath provides protection and sign of gracefulness.. The well-made handle scales offer a comfortable and secure grip, vanishing hand fatigue.

    The beautiful, elegant and functional design, along with its versatile nature. It is suitable for various purposes including different outdoor activities. Its exceptional value for money, making it easily accessible to a wide range of users. For a solid, beautiful, and affordable hunting knife, this knife must be kept in mind.

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